Product Name : 460A(ATC) / 460
Product Description

MODEL : 460A/460

  • Utilized for 3D, 2D, cylindrical, 5 axis, and concave/convex graph and lettering engraving, as well as for diverse kinds of engraving via projection on curved surfaces.
  • High-rigidity structure allows high-speed, high-precision processing.
  • Multipurpose CAD/CAM program, with the help of a scanner, allows for synchronal multi-spindle machining.
  • Designed for developing various large-sized precision molds, such as molds for shoes, electronics accessories, auto lamps, injection mold, punch dies, etc.

Product Introduction
Work Range
Work Table 600 ×400 mm
Load of Work Table 500 kg
Stroke of X Axis 600 mm
Stroke of Y Axis 400 mm
Stroke of Z Axis 350 mm
Spindle to Table 400 mm

Spindle Spec.
Spindle Motor High-Frequency Motor AC,Servo
Spindle Power 7.5KW,HSK-E40 2.2KW,ISO-30
Spindle Taper 14KW,HSK-E50  
Spindle Speed 5000~30000 rpm 500~12000 rpm
Cutting Feed 12000 mm 1 - 4000 mm
Tool Collet ER-20 ER-32
ATC HSK-E40, 12 pcs  

X.Y.Z. Feed Motor 1.5 KW
Rapid Traverse ( X.Y ) 15000 mm/min
Rapid Traverse ( Z ) 10000 mm/min
Position Accuracy ±0.01/300 mm
Repeatability Acccuracy ±0.005 mm

Peripheral Requirement
Voltage 3Φ ,220V
AIR Compressors 6 KG/ cm2, 500 L/min
冷凍乾燥機 5 hp
Net Weight 3200 kg
Machine Dimensions 2000×2450×2600 mm
Approx. Packing Case Dimensions 2400×2850×2900 mm
Standard Accessory Half-canopied canopy, Tool cooling system, Auto-lubrication system, Heat exchanger for control box, Adaptor, Collet, Lamp and Tool set.
Optional Accessory Full-canopied canopy, High-frequency spindle, 4 th Axis, Automatic tool length compensation system, Air dryer.

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