Product Name : 560A(ATC) / 560
Product Description


  • Utilized for 3D, 2D, cylindrical, 5 axis, and concave/convex graph and lettering engraving, as well as for synchronal diverse kinds of engraving via projection on curved surfaces.
  • High-rigidity structure allows high-speed, high-precision processing .
  • Multipurpose CAD/CAM program, with the help of a scanner, allows for multi-spindle machining.
  • Designed for developing various medium-sized precision molds, such as high-frequency-processing molds and molds for shoes, tiles, plastic injection machines, punch dies, and electrodes, as well as for precision drilling, golf head engraving, and index engraving.

Product Introduction
Work Range
Work Table 680×500 mm
Load of Work Table 500 kg
Stroke of X Axis 600 mm
Stroke of Y Axis 500 mm
Stroke of Z Axis 200 mm
Spindle to Table 320 mm

Spindle Spec.
Spindle Motor High-Frequency Motor
Spindle Power 3KW / 5.5KW
Spindle Taper ISO-25
Spindle Speed 5000~30000 rpm
Cutting Feed 1- 4000 mm
Tool Collet ER-20
ATC(ISO Standard) ISO-25, 8/16 pcs

X.Y.Z. Feed Motor 1.5 KW
Rapid Traverse ( X.Y ) 10000 mm/min
Rapid Traverse ( Z ) 5000 mm/min
Position Accuracy ±0.01/300 mm
Repeatability Acccuracy ±0.005 mm

Peripheral Requirement
Voltage 220/380 V
AIR Compressors 6 KG/ cm2, 500 L/min
Net Weight 2100 kg
Machine Dimensions 1960 ×1330 ×1950 mm
Approx. Packing Case Dimensions 2100 ×1450 ×2100 mm
Standard Accessory Half-canopied canopy, Tool cooling system, Auto-grease system, Heat-exchanger, RS232 connection line, Spindle cooling system, Collect Holder,Collect, Lamp, Tool set.
Extra Accessories Full-canopied canopy, High-speed spindle, 4th Axis, Auto tool compensate system, Air-dryer.

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