Product Name : EMC168
Product Description


  • With the capability of increasing commercial value of products. Help company to extend business, such as jewelry, seals, famous brand, relief sculpturing, engraving, decorations, presents, development, etc.
  • Simple and reliable educational market. It has been used in the fields of education, research, practical training, and the learning of NC programming code for processing. It’s simple, safe, and reliable.
  • Handle extensive materials, including ABC, acrylic resin, chemical woods, modeling wax, aluminum, bass, steel, glass, etc.
  • An affordable solution for everybody, NC codes syntax is acceptable.

Product Introduction
Work Range
Work Table 420 × 320 mm
Load of Work Table 50 kg
Stroke of X Axis 360 mm
Stroke of Y Axis 260 mm
Stroke of Z Axis 120 mm
Spindle to Table 160 mm

Spindle Spec.
Spindle Motor High-Frequency Motor
Spindle Power 0.3 kw
Spindle Speed 5000~24000 rpm
Cutting Feed 1 - 3000 mm
Tool Collet ER-11

X.Y.Z. Feed Motor 0.4 kw
Rapid Traverse ( X.Y ) 8000 mm-min
Rapid Traverse ( Z ) 5000 mm/min
Position Accuracy ± 0.01/300mm
Repeatability Acccuracy ±0.005 mm

Peripheral Requirement
Voltage 220 V
Net Weight 200 kg
Machine Dimensions 780 ×680× 1890 mm
Standard Fittings Full-shield cover, RS232 transmission line, collet, and tool box.
Special Fittings Fourth rotary shaft.

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