Product Name : TIRE
Product Description

Model : TIRE

  • Provides normal engraving on tire surfaces.
  • Provides three/two-dimensional and concave/convex graph, lettering, and normal engraving.

Product Introduction
Diameter of Work Table 1200mm
Load of Work Table 2000 kg
Maximum Work Diameter 1350 mm
Height of Machine 2500 mm
Width of Machine 2200 mm
Depth of Machine 1500 mm
Rotation of Work Table 360 °
Stroke of X Axis 700mm
Stroke of Z Axis 400mm
Angle of W Axis +/-90 °
rpm 5000 ~ 30000rpm
ATC (Option) ATC-8 or ATC-16(Option)
Space for Installation 1800 x 2800 mm

Standard Accessory Half-canopied canopy, Tool cooling system, Auto-grease system, Heat-exchanger, RS232 connection line, Spindle cooling system, Collect Holder, Collect, Lamp, Tool set.
Extra Accessories Full-canopied canopy, High-speed spindle, 4th Axis, Auto tool compensate system, Air-dryer.

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